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Antiques Are Important

"Antiques are Green" is a phrase which has been adopted by many in the past decade.The term is correct but only tells half the story. Quality, skill and rarity only comes with time and the techniques of production and manufacture make it unfinancial for these methods to be utilised today.

The five senses come into effect when handling a piece which only age and patina can endow-provenance too something not available for modern objects, but only ensues with time and experience.

Alan Landis Antiques is the perfect source to combine and provide satisfaction and quality in locating that unique item.

Why Wedgwood And Ceramics?

There are so many original documents discussing the production and development of this great factory. In addition there is a wonderful museum displaying the whole range of it’s products. There is something special about Wedgwood and their story in Australia as well. It’s a subject I have been asked to lecture on around the world.

Ceramics through their very nature go back to almost to the dawn of civilisation. The production and experimentation has continued endlessly. The process of firing a pot means any number of variables can occur, making that piece unique.



Unlocking The Story Behind Every Piece

In the past 42 years, I have made over thirty business trips to the UK and USA and have built up a fine network of”sources" to find special pieces for me and my clients.

What interests me is the research, background and provenance of that unique item and through my network I am in a special position to assist my clients.I have a reference library of almost 1,000 volumes, catalogues and magazines which assist me in further research which I can  pass on to the purchaser.

I have sold many pieces to Institutions and Historic Houses helping to fill in gaps and assist in the heritage of our nation.

Please feel free to contact me to assist you in locating that elusive item to add to your collection and I will share the story behind it.

If you have a piece already and you want to know the story behind it, share the details here.

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