Welcome to the new website

Welcome to my new website for Alan Landis Antiques. I hope you will find it filled with interesting information and access to some of the latest antiques I have available for sale.

I hope the new website will spark an interest in people who are new to the beauty of antiques and continue to provide a reason for my long-term clients to come back and see the latest pieces. For those who know me, you will appreciate my passion for telling you the story behind a piece, and on this new website, I hope to share some of these insights.

Antiques have a special way of giving a room life because it is more than just a visual piece to enjoy, they envoke all five senses.

Of course, you can always contact me directly here if you need some specific help finding exactly what you need.

I hope you enjoy exploring the new ‘Alan Landis Antiques’ website. I welcome any feedback; so please let me know if you would like me to include anything additional information or types of pieces.

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